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Environmental Education and Citizen Science through Birdwatching in the State of Espírito Santo


The Vem Passarinhar Capixaba project is an initiative of the Marcos Daniel Institute and is part of a national movement, which emerged at the Instituto Butantan's Bird Observatory in 2014. The Vem Passarinhar movement has several projects across the country, which seek to bring people closer to the community. nature through birdwatching and inspiring people to be scientific citizens. The project was adapted to Espírito Santo with the same purpose, in order to promote immersion in the world of free birds.

Brazil has the second largest avifauna biodiversity in South America, with around 1971 species, and the state of Espírito Santo is home to a good part of this contingent, around 712 species. Birds use a variety of ecosystems and forest strata, this makes it easy to observe birds anywhere and anytime. It is possible to address any issues within forests, sandbanks and other biomes where Espírito Santo has.

Environmental education practices combined with bird watching are a strategy to transform the human relationship with the natural environment. In addition to generating interaction and awareness with a playful, sensory and experimental character, this educational practice can lead to viable and effective conservation strategies with the support of the community. Participants will have the opportunity to live unique experiences and learn practices that seek to direct them to a new look at the environment as a whole, and raise awareness about the importance of ecosystem conservation, with a focus on avifauna.


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