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Centro Ecológico Projeto Caiman, Vitória-ES

Instituto Marcos Daniel and Vitória's City Hall established a shared management  agreement of the former Parque Municipal Fazendinha (Fazendinha City Park)

Now the park has been expanded and has become a paludosa forest wildlife refuge, where the Centro Ecológico Projeto Caiman, house to Atlantic Forest caimans, is located.

What was once an urban park, the center became Projeto Caiman's headquarters, where we carry out research, environmental education and ecotourism activities. There you can take part in many activities, have a picnic, watch the animals, and learn about the biodiversity in Mata Atlântica's flooded environments. 

We hope your visit is an inspirational moment toward changes our society needs and that can start with you. 

Admission is free. We open at 8am and close at 5pm, except for previously scheduled nocturnal activities.


We welcome Vitória's municipal schools free of charge, within a programmed schedule as a counterpart to our partnership with the city hall.

Private schools are also welcome with a R$ 7,00 collaboration per student, per visit,

Our activities with the students aim to promote familiarization with caimans and aquatic environments, and ecologic interactions through biologic-themed plays and games. Who knows a real-life caiman shows up as well! 

Contact for schools: 27 32372405



Av. Eugênio Pachêco de Queirós, s/n
Jardim Camburi, Vitória - ES, 29090-160

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