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The Cherry-throated tanager Conservation Program is a research and conservation program for the Nemosia rourei species, developed in Espírito Santo's mountainous region and is based in Vargem Alta municipality.


Photo: Gustavo Magnago / IMD


Cherry-throated tanager Conservation Program (PCSA) is a partnership among IMD and TCC - Transmissora Caminho do Café, and serves a solicitation from state (IEMA) and federal (IBAMA) environmental bodies, and communities, which solicited TCC its sponsorship toward species conservation. 
Foreseen actions are supported by public policies prescribed by ICMBio's National Atlantic Forest Birds' Plan of Action. It represents the opportunity to promote diverse endangered species' conservation, primarily, to comprehend Nemosia rourei's species dynamics (considered critically endangered).
Besides field research activities, the program includes awareness actions, environmental education, and community engagement on conservationist practices.




TCC – Transmissora Caminho do Café S.A. is a public transmission service concession, and it's responsible for the implantation and operation of the 500kV Governador Valadares 6 – Mutum – Rio Novo do Sul Transmission Line, located in the states of Minas Gerais and Espírito Santo. TCC is affiliated to Alupar group, a private national control holding that acts on the energy sector, being the biggest 100% private company and one of the biggest in the electric energy transmission segment in Brazil.



Download the PCSA books here

Bird's Guide to
Caetés Forest
Environmental Education Book
Birding and Educating
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