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Human, animal and environmental health

Instituto Marcos Daniel is a non-profit private association accredited as an OSCIP (Civil Society Organization for Public Interest), located in Vitória, Espírito Santo, Brasil.

It was founded on September 15th, 2004 and chaired by the renowned capixaba doctor Marcos Daniel Santos, up until his passing away in 2006. As in all he ever set his mind to during his life, IMD holds his ethical values and the love for the neighbor, as the main motivation for its actions.

Iniciatialy directed towards human and animal health research, IMD consolidated itself as a talent formation center aimed at nature conservation based on concepts from Conservation Medicine and on the Manhattan principles that establish the concept One World - One Health, which comprise health as the interaction between human, animal and environmental health.

IMD focus of action is the elaboration and execution of biodiversity conservation projects and the formation of multipliers towards nature conservation, acting locally, but thinking globally. For this purpose, we've been having institutional support from diverse public bodies, universities, NGOs, and companies shaping an elevated share capital network and broad capillarity in society.

To contribute to biodiversity conservation, generating scientific knowledge, good practices, communicating and stimulating the promotion of a sustainable society.



To be acknowledged by society as a Brazilian institution of excellence, formed by people committed to research and project management for socioenvironmental conservation within a 10-year term.


Commitment; Fostering; Ethics;

Creativity; Innovation.


Instituto Marcos Daniel's President

Ever since he was a kid, Marcelo Renan has a special connection with wildlife. He learned from his grandfather, who was a cocoa farmer, to respect and value nature's simple things. It was in a cabruca cocoa forest that he took his first steps in the Atlantic Forest. After graduation, he was invited by Projeto TAMAR to study sea-turtle's hematology and hasn't stopped since.

Veterinary Medicine graduate by Universidade Federal de Viçosa (1995), specialized in Molecular Biology and Genetics by Universidade Estadual Santa Cruz (2000), specialized in medical education by  Universidade de Havana (2001) and a masters in Animal Biology by Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo (2005). Doctor in Ecosystems Ecology (2015) studying the relationship between specific pollutants and the occurrence of fibropapilomatosis in sea-turtles. In 2004 he founded, alongside his father, Instituto Marcos Daniel, of which he is the president. He was a professor at Universidade Vila Velha from 1999 to 2020, having been the veterinary medicine program pedagogical coordinator from 2001 to 2012. He has experience in veterinary Clinical Pathology, ecotoxicology, acting mainly on the following subject hematology,  biochemistry, contaminants in sea-turtles, wildlife conservation, and conservation medicine. He also works as Chelonia Mydas' project Coordinator.

Veterinary Doctor and Projeto Caiman's Coordinator

From a young age, Yhuri has an intense connection with nature. During his graduation in Veterinary Medicine, he found out he should dedicate his life to caiman and Brazilian biodiversity conservation. He started his professional life at Instituto Marcos Daniel as an intern. Throughout his graduation, he developed many projects related to conservation medicine in Amazon, Pantanal, and especially in the Atlantic Forest, always caiman related.

After graduating in veterinary medicine, he took part in founding and implementing Projeto Caiman: Atlantic Forest's Caimans, at IMD.

Yhuri Cardoso Nóbrega is a Veterinarian, with a masters in Animal Science and is doctoring in a Ecosystems Ecology program at Universidade de Vila Velha UVV - ES.

He has experience in Wildlife Health in situ and Conservation Medicine, with focus on Crocodilians and Testudines. He currently is a Veterinary Doctor and Researcher at Instituto de Ensino, Pesquisa e Preservação Ambiental Marcos Daniel - IMD; Projeto Caiman: Pesquisa e Conservação de Jacarés da Mata Atlântica's Coordinator and Adviser at the Brazilian Wild Animals' Veterinaries' Association - ABRAVAS (Associação Brasileira de Veterinários de Animais Selvagens).

Administrations and Accountability

Bachelor of accounting sciences by Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo, focusing on Third Sector accountability. Alan is responsible for all IMD'S accounting and fiscal documentation and administrative management.  

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