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Scientific tourism connects research, environmental education and ecotourism.  Through the Simbora Scientific project, IMD promotes research expeditions with the participation of people who contribute to funding and help with fieldwork.


Scientific tourism promotes incredible experiences in contact with nature, leading people to have a completely different view of the animals we research and the environment. People who have never seen a sea turtle, or who have little contact with the sea, become advocates for marine animals as they go through a transformative experience and understand their importance.


Or, living with researchers in the field, capturing alligators or monitoring mammals, can be a watershed in the professional choice of young students. Regardless of the motivation, our scientific tourism program can provide incredible experiences and contribute to the formation of a society that is more aware of the need to live in harmony with nature.


The IMD has already promoted expeditions to Coroa Vermelha Island in Bahia to assess the health of sea turtles in that region.

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If you want to know what a scientific expedition is like and feel the vibe of the countryside, watch the videos of our partner Instituto Últimos Refúgios .


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