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Marginals - The Alligators of the Atlantic Forest


The Caiman Project is an initiative of the Marcos Daniel Institute, in partnership with ArcelorMittal Tubarão, which focuses on the conservation of the Atlantic Forest alligator. Although it can be found in other countries in South America (Bolivia, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay), currently, the largest population of the species is in Brazil, and it can also be observed in the Atlantic Forest, Caatinga, Cerrado and the Pampas.


One path to positive change is creating tools to inspire people to make a more sustainable world, in which humans and nature live in harmony. The idea of this book is to present the scenario in which the alligators from the Atlantic Forest live, and thus inspire people to fight for a more balanced coexistence. Through photographs applied to a support widely accepted by society such as a book, it is possible to provoke an increasingly necessary reflection, as the appearance of these alligators in urban areas is becoming more frequent, due to habitat loss.


The proposal is to produce a book entitled "MARGINALIZED: Os Alligators from the Atlantic Forest", with closed format of 250 x 315 mm, hardcover, inside 250 pages (FSC certified paper), with glove.


The mission is to make an animal, stigmatized as a “villain”, have the power to sensitize people, and thus ensure the survival of this species. We are talking here about the alligator-de-papo-amarelo, a species that unhappily occurs in one of the most valued areas by society for real estate speculation, the Brazilian coast. With this, the marginalization of the few remaining individuals becomes inevitable and needs to be mitigated. 


Alligators are marginalized animals, however, extremely important for maintaining the biological balance of the environments in which they are found. The Atlantic Forest has less than 10% of its original area, so if it's hard for charismatic animals to survive, imagine for alligators, because people are so prejudiced?!


The alligator-de-papo-amarelo (Caiman latirostris) is considered by the Caiman Project team as a symbol species of the Atlantic Forest. The initiative is a pioneer in the country in research and conservation of these populations, generating technical-scientific data on their health and ecology in Brazil.


Field expeditions are often organized to carry out scientific studies with alligators, and to do this, Caiman's specialists have to capture from small puppies the size of a lizard to adults as heavy as a human being. An adult of the species can reach 3.5 meters in length and weigh up to 100 kg.

To capture an alligator requires skilled, experienced and trained people in handling and containment techniques.

Our focus, as in the case of this book's proposal, is to try, through scientific diffusion, to make the data obtained by the Caiman Project team reach people in a playful way, with a popular language of science (National Geographic style), showing the beauty of animals, their importance to the ecosystem and, not least, exalting the work of people who perseveringly fight for the cause. These people end up becoming examples and serving as inspiration for everyone.

Book: "Marginals" Alligators from the Atlantic Forest

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